Commissioning a web project for the first time can all be a bit daunting when faced with a wall of acronyms, jargon and double-speak that can make up the world of web development. We think it’s important to demystify the process and to talk in plain English.tumblr_mx3tpto69r1st5lhmo1_1280

Here are some questions we’ve been asked in the past and some of the areas you might want to consider when hiring a web agency. Not all websites are created equal and we hope that after reading this, you’ll have a better idea for what to look out for.

Don’t underestimate the worth in finding an agency or freelancer that fits your personality: chances are you’re going to be working together for a long time. It is rare that you can have a website built and handed over to you without you requiring the developer’s services again. Some web projects never really end; there is always another round of changes and updates that need to be made.We like to get to know our clients. Some of our longest-standing ones have been working with us for more than 7 years

Beware of ‘digital’ agencies that don’t concentrate on any one field. There are a lot of marketing, design and print agencies that also make websites on the side.

We believe a team of web specialists, honing their skills every day, are best positioned to keep pace with the speed of change on the Internet.