“Coming soon” pages are a great way to tide over your visitors until you finish your new website. They can be used as a teaser for your future website, or places to simply put your information where people can get to it while you are under digital construction. We are going to look at a collection of how websites are successfully using “coming soon” pages.

1. SquidChef


SquidChef has a cute under-the-sea theme and an illustrated squid character to go with their name “SquidChef”. Having a character illustration like this almost ensures that the site is going to have a friendly feel. (Check out some more illustrated character designs). I also like the idea of putting all the information into the talk bubble.

2. Accentuate


I like the color scheme of this “coming soon site”. It’s a simple theme that uses pink to highlight important areas. The colors go well with the simple layout of the website and the image of the chairs makes the website more interesting than just having text.

3. Flowdock


Having an illustrated look to a website usually gives it more of a fun and laidback feel. It has a bright and welcoming color palette, and I like how the headings in the three sections in the footer are different colors. It makes the color flow throughout.

4. Rumble Labs

Rumble Labs

Usually when you say “hello” right off the bat, it gives off a friendly vibe, and despite the dark background, this page gives that endearing feeling. The bright highlight colors help emphasize that point, as well as the arrow and dotted lines.

5. Irava Stefan

Irava Stefan

I like the hovering logo – it creates a sort of 3D look, which gives the page a little more dimension. Also, what makes this site interesting is that when you hover over the logo and Twitter icon with your mouse, it displays more information. (Learn how to create 3D text via this tutorial).

6. chocolatepool


The brightly colored quirky illustration gives a good sense of what the style of work could be, or at the very least, gives a fun laidback feel. The sign that says, “summer” integrated into the illustration gives a hint as to when the website will launch.

7. Berengere Monin

Berengere Monin

This website has a very nice clean and simple look. I like the Asian-inspired style, with the tree/plant on the right and the black, white and red color scheme. It gives the “coming soon” page a nice sense of simplicity.

8. Birdboxx


This is a successful illustrated “coming soon” web page. This site pours out a peaceful and calming character with the green colors and the white dove.

9. Creative Joomla! Design Book

Creative Joomla! Design Book

I like the sketchy style of this soon-to-launch page. Not only is it a fun layout, but it is also useful, with the “be updated” mixed into the design. This “coming soon” page gives you ways of keeping in touch, by including Twitter and email options into the composition.

10. Lilly’s Table

Lilly's Table

The color palette is what really draws me to this website. The colors have a slightly retro feel (learn how to create a retro color scheme), but it still gives off a bright, clean, vibrant feel. In addition, I like how the last post from their blog is displayed on the left.

11. ChkChkBoom


I like the paint splatter effect, which they use to draw attention to the important parts of the layout. They also use some bright colors to emphasize certain areas like the headline, and the green play button which is used for the RSS email feed.

12. Mogulista


This website gives off a glamorous countenance, and that is probably because the business is geared towards women, who typically find these sorts of themes appealing. What really struck me about this “coming soon” site was the navigation. They use a nice animation that keeps you on the same page but rolls in and out the new text below the logo.

13. Dialed Tone

Dialed Tone

I like the usage of the 3D dial, as well as the shadows on the “coming soon” box and the sign up button, which give the site a lot more dimension.

14. Evert Slagter

Evert Slagter

The icons are a nice touch considering they work with mobile user experience. I also like the simplicity and the subtle light glow in the background that gives it a little more depth than just having a black background.

15. Chuck Barrett

Chuck Barrett

I think when I look at this, I immediately get an idea of what kind of style of fashion will be on the future website with the black and white photo. I also like the idea of having the icons in grayscale, which goes with the photo, and how, when you hover over them, they change to colored.

16. Jon Ward

Jon Ward

At first glance, this is your run-of-the-mill name, logo, and title “coming soon” page, but if you stay on it for a second or two, you’ll notice that where the job title is, is actually an animation that rotates the title, email and phone number. It’s a great way to present that little bit more information, and at the same time keep the page as simple, but engaging, as possible.



The logo has a techno look to it, which was why it drew me to the site in the first place. It turns out that it’s for a poetry publication. Regardless, the logo, which gives this “coming soon” page a nice dose of color, is spectacular.

18. Johnny Walker Plumbing

Johnny Walker Plumbing

I love how simple the look is, but you can still get the impression that he is a plumber at someone’s house fixing their flooded toilet or sink. It is simple but effective.

19. DesignSvn


I always love good Photoshop lighting work, and this website has it working really well with the web 2.0ish Twitter and subscribe icons.

20. Upstate Design Collective

Upstate Design Collective

Other than the 3D effects, I really like how the bright fresh colors make the website stand out.

21. Handsome and Gorgeous Clothing

Handsome and Gorgeous Clothing

I think that it is important to showcase your merchandise, even if your website isn’t finished yet. I also like the use of the jagged edge, giving it a layered fabric feel, which is appropriate for what they are selling.

22. The Republic

The Republic

I like the white design with the subtle cityscape at the bottom; it gives it an interesting look. I also like how they use gray colors instead of the typical black on white, which gives it a less harsh look and  helps to make the logo mark stand out more.

23. Gimmr


Not only does this “coming soon” page have a color scheme that I really like, but it also has a unique feature. You can upload a photo of yourself and add glasses to your portrait so you can look like the character/mascot to the left (which you can then use as your avatar).

24. myNiteLife


This is another website that uses some nice lighting effects, and the purple colors give it a night feel that goes perfectly with their name (myNightlife).

25. FavMovie!

It seems like they are using their “coming soon” page as more of a teaser, not really saying what they’re all about. All I can gather is that it has something to do with movies (probably). If you want to find out, you can sign up for email updates.

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