Let’s have a look at the recent trends that you can expect in web development in 2019:

1. Emergence of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps, or popularly known as PWAs have appeared a couple of years ago and have gained immense popularity owing to the user behavior study. Web development has stepped in a certain direction in a forward sense. Progressive web applications are essentially based on CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. They are actually designed to simplify the complete interaction of the website users with the website and hence stimulate the loyalty and conversion of customers. The most basic principle of PWAs is complete adaptability to different types of smart devices, native user experience as well as autonomy where the applications are updated independently. All innovative web apps provide overall security through HTTPS as well as automatic updates are provided via Service Worker API. Most of the web apps don’t actually need installation. A website development company needs to invest a lot in the PWAs development.

2. Rise of One-Page Websites

Considering the latest standards as well as the behavior of the users on the website, it is certainly quite easy to actually know what the people like as well as don’t like on the web pages and also search for information all by themselves. Hence, a lot of website development trends in the upcoming year will actually be based on the complete principle of speed and convenience. Any person without a programming background can easily develop a website with a particular design constructor for his business. User Experience or UX has become certainly important and careful regarding the concept of various single-page websites, and in the years to come, we will be witnessing animation on the screen of devices and even nod at different products that the people wish to buy.


3. PHP7 and JavaScript Changes

In the context of programming, there are certain significant changes. Irrespective of the technology stack, a lot of developers actually use JavaScript for their own work. Even though there are a plethora of shortcomings of this particular language, it actually keeps on improving and considerably remains popular around the world. Most websites use PHP, and in recent years, PHP 7 was released with different changes that have revolutionized the entire web development domain. Possibility to group import ads as well as Engine exceptions along with anonymous classes is duly added. The entire syntax of Escape code for the particular Unicode was also subsequently added. PHP has led to an increase in performance of the websites. Cryptocurrency, P2P exchanges and trading platforms along with digital blockchain products are swiftly becoming the emerging trends. The website development services have to learn the entire solidity along with smart contract languages for the purpose of creation of their cryptocurrency.

4. Illustrations

In case the developers are learning web designs, they need to know the concept of lesser design that tends to be better. It certainly remains to be the most important web development trend for 2019. But the website developers can’t actually forget the actual trend of website design whereas a large number of fonts, photos, forms, and illustrations. The complete design used to be the combination of illustrations, photograph, along with minimalism and focus on the image as well as reduction of the total amount of the text. This will certainly affect user perception.

5. Growing Importance of Adaptability

People often take smartphones multiple times a day. Hence, everything digital wishes to fit into their phone screen. People have now actually started to get rid of the idea of using computers outside their working time, and website apps development has taken a significantly different form. Adaptive and scalable website applications like adaptive websites are emerging. The people can easily access various services which can subsequently be connected to the internet. The best apps often work without any internet connection and keep on rising. The web design development is improving. The visual aspect of the website development has witnessed massive changes. Different website development services need to accept them and inculcate the rising importance of adaptability.

6. MultimedianLongreads

In case you are considering longread on any web page with a complete solid text alongside a few photos then you can easily forget about it. At present, longreads are an entire representation of text, animations, pictures, and icons. Longread actually aims to tell a complete story in short and simple words. Now the user can scroll the page easily and even cling to the major information points.

7. Introduction of Forms

Making various design elements have certainly passed from previous pointed to current rounded shapes. This option is considered to be quite softer, more pleasant and objective while the sharp corners of the various old interfaces used to be more oriented in the direction of workflow. Web portal development has to consider the forms in a more significant fashion.

8. Importance of Typography

People have been actually experimenting to create new fonts. When illustrations and animations are added along with adaptability, various trends of website designing actually stopped to neglect the typography clearly. At present, we can see the latest collections of typography with new letters.


Website development technology trends are emerging at a rapid pace. One-page websites and progressive web apps have emerged in these years and have garnered immense popularity. Subsequent changes in JavaScript and PHP 7 have duly appeared. Forms, typography, and adaptability have actually acquired more importance in these recent years. Trends like these will certainly dominate the web development in 2019.