If you want to earn more sales for your business, you need to make sure your website is optimized for conversions.

Your website’s design can impact whether people purchase from your business or choose a competitor instead. In fact, first impressions of businesses are 94% design-related.

Without a beautifully-designed and functional website, you won’t earn conversions or revenue for your business. So, if you’re building a website on Shopify, you want to ensure you choose a functional, high-converting theme that keeps prospects engaged and earns you more sales.

On this page, we’ll provide you with four of the best-converting Shopify themes you can use for your website. Keep reading to learn more!

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What to look for in the highest-converting Shopify themes

Before we dive into examples of the best Shopify themes for conversions, let’s cover what makes a Shopify theme a highest-converting theme.

The critical thing to remember here is that there are no themes that are guaranteed conversion generators. However, themes that create a positive user experience (UX) can help support your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and encourage conversions.

Here are four elements that make up the highest-converting Shopify themes:

1. Speed

One of the most important elements a top-converting Shopify theme has is speed. Users don’t want to shop on a site that takes too long to load. In fact, slow-loading websites cause $2.6 billion in revenue loss annually.

When you choose a theme, you can run the page through PageSpeed Insights to see the theme’s load time. PageSpeed Insights will all present you with suggestions for improving your site load time, so you can ensure you deliver a positive user experience.

2. Call to action (CTA) buttons

Another important feature you want to ensure you have with your Shopify theme is call to action (CTA) buttons. If you want people to act on your site, you must encourage them by using CTA buttons. These buttons guide visitors on how to proceed next.

When you choose a theme, you want to ensure you can craft custom CTA buttons to guide users at different points in the marketing funnel. So, whether you have visitors just getting familiar with your products or ready to convert, you need to be able to craft CTA buttons that help them take the next step.

3. Functional navigation

When you’re looking at the best-converting Shopify themes, you’ll find that all of them have functional navigation. Your navigation is a crucial component of your website’s success. People use this feature to help them navigate through your site and find the information they need.

You want to pay attention to the type of navigation your theme offers to ensure it meets your needs. If you offer many products, you want to ensure you’re choosing a theme that can support an extensive product catalog, so you can build a big enough navigation to organize your products.

4. Mobile-friendly design

The last element all the best Shopify themes have is mobile-friendly design. More people do their shopping on mobile than ever — more than 40% of online transactions happen on mobile devices. Without a mobile-friendly site, you risk losing conversions for your business.

When you look at Shopify themes, make sure they offer responsive design or indicate they are mobile-friendly. Both are indicators that your site will deliver a positive mobile experience.

4 of the best-converting Shopify themes

Now that we’ve covered the must-have elements for your Shopify theme, let’s look at the highest converting Shopify themes you can use to build your site!

But before we dive into these themes, keep in mind that every Shopify theme comes with the following:

  • Customizable content sections on your homepage
  • Free theme updates
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Built-in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Drop-down navigation
  • Social media icons
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Free stock photos by Burst

Now that we’ve covered those elements, let’s dive into the four best Shopify themes for conversions!

1. Warehouse

Cost: $180

Styles: Metal, Wood, and Fabric

First on our list of the highest-converting Shopify themes is Warehouse. This theme offers numerous features that help you deliver a user-friendly website.


Page of Shopify theme named Warehouse


Here are some features of the Warehouse theme:

  • Large product catalog: This theme supports large product catalogs. This theme can support you adding hundreds of products to your website if you offer dozens of products.
  • Predictive search: This Shopify theme also offers a predictive search feature. With the predictive search results, visitors can display live search results. This feature enables people to see quick links to product pages on your site so that users can find products fast.
  • Custom promotion tiles: With this theme, you can build custom promotion tiles to sell your products. From sales to discounts to featured products, you can use this feature to promote products and earn more sales.
  • Exit popups: If people try to leave your page, this theme lets you encourage customers to sign up for an email list or newsletter before leaving. It’s a great feature to help you capture leads for your business that can turn into sales later.
  • Trust badges: This theme offers a dedicated card to showcase your security and payment badges. It’s a great way to show people your site is secure and highlight what payment options they can use to buy products.

2. Handy

Cost: $180.00

Styles: Light, Cool, Fresh

Next on our list of best-converting Shopify themes is Handy. This theme offers numerous features that enable you to build a positive user experience for your audience.


Page of Shopify theme named Handy


Here are some of the defining features of the Handy theme:

  • Large product catalog: If you have many products, this theme can support dozens of product uploads.
  • Mobile-first design: While every Shopify theme is built for mobile, Handy is explicitly made for mobile-first (most themes adapt from desktop to mobile). This theme is excellent for delivering a top-notch mobile experience.
  • Contact bar: The Handy theme has a built-in contact bar that enables you to display information, store hours, and your business’s location with stylized icons. Providing this information allows you to make it easy for customers to reach out to your business.
  • Search-focused navigation: Handy offers a search-focused menu that makes it easy for shoppers to search for what they need. They can search by product or tag to find what they need fast.
  • Continuous product scroll: This feature enables you to keep users scrolling through your product pages to find what they want. It’s a great feature to keep users engaged, which can ultimately increase sales.

3. Minimal

Cost: Free

Styles: Vintage, Fashion, and Modern

Next on our list of the best Shopify themes for conversions is Minimal. This free theme is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable option that can help you increase sales.


Page of Shopify theme named Minimal


Here are some of the features of this Shopify theme:

  • Product filtering: With this feature, you can allow shoppers to filter products by type, best sellers, or price. It makes it easy for shoppers to find what they need fast, which leads to a positive user experience and more sales.
  • Product image zoom: People can zoom in on your products and get more details with this feature. With online shopping, it’s a crucial component to have so that shoppers can see all the product features. It’s a great way to earn more sales for your business.
  • Product recommendations: With this feature, you can showcase recommended products on product pages to help people discover items they’ll love.

4. Venture

Cost: Free

Styles: Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing

Next on our list of best Shopify themes is Venture. This free theme is a great option if you want something affordable that offers all the services you need.


Page of Shopify theme named Venture


Here are a few features that come with this theme:

  • Promotional banner: You can promote your latest sale or promotion at the top of your store’s homepage with this feature. It’s a great way to catch your audience’s attention and get them interested in the special deals you offer.
  • Multi-column menu: With this feature, you can showcase your product details and images in an extensive, multi-column drop-down menu. It’s a great feature to help you provide your audience with all the information they need about your products.
  • Product filtering: With this Shopify theme, you can add a product filtering feature to help shoppers find what they need faster. It makes it easy for your audience to navigate to the products they want.
  • Single featured product: With this feature, you can promote a single product and feature it front and center on your homepage. It’s an excellent way for you to promote best sellers or new products and encourage sales from visitors.

Need help finding the best-converting Shopify theme for your business?

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