Google search's new button will let you buy stuff faster

Google is taking on the likes of Amazon with a new buy button, which will be coming to mobile search in just a few weeks times.

Announced today, the new feature will let you place orders directly through the sponsored ad results and through Google Search on your mobile, which will expand as you click on it and have a “Buy on Google” button.

Your payment information will be stored directly with Google, and the search-giant will also be handling the checkout pages.

Currently, this will only be available in the US, and there is no word yet on Google expanding this to other parts of the world.

Shop everywhere, anywhere

To start with, Google is partnering up with “a dozen or so” retailers for purchasing directly through Google, with plans to later partner with more.

These retailers will be in charge of handling order fulfillment, and users will also be able to search for other items directly through Google that the retailer sells.

Google is also partnering with eBay and other retailer apps, so if an ad pops up from one of these retailers, you’ll be able to to click on it and be directly taken to the retailer’s app to complete the purchase.

Google is also improving voice searches on your smartphone when related to shopping, and there are two new cards also being added to Google Now.

One of these cards will show product reviews, while the other is named “Price Drop”, showing any discounts on a product that you’ve previously searched for.