On Android? You can finally make collages in Instagram

Android users, prepare to share. Instagram’s app for building collages, Layout, has made it’s arrival to the Google Play store.

The app, which debuted in March for iOS, combines multiple pictures from your phone and turns them into an Instagram-friendly, square and shareable shape. Before Layout, Instagramers had long awaited the ability to stitch together their favorite pictures and share them with their friends.

Instagram collage app Layout

Unlike many collage apps, which start by asking to pick a grid shape, Layout has you choose the photos you want to share first. After you pick the ones you like, its algorithm offers suggestions for the most pleasing ways to arrange those (sort of blurry) shots from last night’s concert. From there, you can fix borders, exchange images; you get the picture.

Instagram also introduced a new tool on its editing panel called “Structure”, which will help bring out the finer details and textures in your images. Inverse of the Layout release, Structure is only available on Android phones now but will be coming soon to iPhone.

Just like Instagram, Layout is a free app and allows you to share through Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.