Microsoft revamps awesome apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear

Microsoft is playing nice with its software and has released a slew of updates for Apple Watch and Android Wear devices in addition to launching a newer, fully functional Outlook app for the iOS wearable.

Focused Inbox Watch notifications let you read full emails from your Apple Watch and reply with pre-written responses, emojis or voice dictation. You can even archive, delete, flag or schedule emails to appear later.

The Glance screen will also let you see unread emails or calendar appointments.

It doesn’t seem like Android wearables will get the updated Outlook system but it will receive Microsoft Translator.

Simply speak into your watch and get instant translations in 50 languages. Translate even faster by pinning your most commonly used translations and settings to the watch screen for easy access, plus browse your history of recently used phrases. If you’d rather translate typed text, the companion apps on both platforms will do just that along with letting you manage settings.

Updates galore

OneNote and OneDrive have also been improved for Android.

There’s a new way to dictate notes. By saying “OK Google, take a note,” OneNote is activated letting you speak notes to your wearable. Recently viewed notes are also available to view on the watch.

OneDrive now has a watch face that lets you see a photo from the last 30 days. Additionally, notifications pop up to show you edits made to shared documents.

Wunderlust and Yammer round out the roster of apps Microsoft has updated for the two wearable platforms.

Microsoft’s wearables page shows its pretty dedicated to bringing its software everywhere. In fact, its improvements to the existing apps are already far better than native productivity apps found on both Apple Watch and Android Wear watches.