Microsoft details differences between Windows 10 editions

Microsoft has published an exhaustive printable guide that aims to help users find the Windows 10 edition that’s right for them.

The document, which is available as a table, lists salient features from all four consumer and business Windows 10 editions but excludes Windows 10 Mobile (consumer and enterprise) as well as Windows 10 IoT.

Arguably, the best value for money package is the education SKU (stock keeping unit) which is essentially the same as Windows 10 Enterprise minus the Long Term Servicing Branch which only makes sense in an enterprise setup anyway.

Other than that, Windows 10 Home Edition provides you with most of the features that you’d expect from a standard consumer version. Consumer-grade encryption, mobile device management and even the ability to side-load line of business applications.

Interestingly, Microsoft is pitching the Education version of Windows 10 as the preferred upgrade path for Windows 10 Home, rather than Pro as it was usually the case.

Education was previously known as Pro Student and required verification of one’s student status prior to purchase.