Relive your favorite version of Windows from your browser

Thanks to a collection of sites posted to gHacks, you can relive the antiquated Windows operating systems of decades past.

If you remember Windows 1.01 or even Windows 95, the Windows operating systems of yesteryear seem like a distant whisper compared to the roar of the upcoming Windows 10. But for those who have used the bygone systems (i.e. almost everyone), this is your quickest way to look back with quaint nostalgia – or fresh disdain, at least for Vista.

While it’s technically possible to reinstall the original operating systems, that’s a task that’s tedious, involved and frankly not worth it. Surely this is a much less taxing way to take a trip down memory lane.

Posted on gHacks, PCJS is an excellent emulator that lets you relive the breakthrough Windows 1.01. For those who long for the cute, pixelated visuals of the mid ’90s, Scottish programmer Andrea Fauld’s website has revived Windows 95, one of computing’s biggest game changers at the time. If you’re itching to relive even more recent Windows OSes, Virtual Desktop lets you explore many operating systems from Windows 95 up through to XP.

For more direction on different ways to experience yesterday’s Windows, check out the original post on gHacks.