Yahoo released a video message app, but not everyone can use it

You’ve probably not heard about Yahoo’s newest messaging app, and you probably won’t for a while, as the Yahoo Livetext app is only available in Hong Kong.

Yahoo’s new offering, which launched last week, gives a new spin to the usual messaging apps, allowing users to send a short live video with text, though without audio.

The app’s description on the Hong Kong iTunes store says that Livetext is “…the most natural way to have ‘real’ conversations. It’s live video texting, without sound. You will feel like your friends are right there with you.”

“Livetext transforms simple conversations into rich, fun, and memorable experiences. It’s an entirely new way to stay in touch.”

A new way to message?

The app uses a cellular data connection or Wi-Fi, and is restricted to one-on-one conversations. As you enter text, a live video of where you are will appear, and as soon as your contact enters the chat, you’ll be able to see their reaction.

Audio has been removed, because Yahoo says, “it’s rarely convenient in today’s fast-paced world.”

As we said earlier, though, the app is only available in Hong Kong, likely being tested in the region before Yahoo releases it worldwide.

And we do assume it will be released globally, because the app does support a large number of languages from around the world – we just have no idea where, yet.