Microsoft's is now available to everyone

Another week, another release for Microsoft as its sharing platform has finally made it into the hands of the general public.

First reported by Microsoft-News, the new platform allows users to easily share documents regardless of whether they are Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Office Mix or Sway with importing available from your PC or even through OneDrive.

The features don’t end there. One nifty part of is the chance to create collections that are similar to photo albums for your documents. In addition, you can embed any content into a web page. Everything’s done to make sharing your content a little bit easier. has been around for quite some time albeit in its previous guise as Docs for Facebook that was developed by Microsoft Fuse Labs. The new service has been completely reconstructed from the ground up by a brand new team and went live in March as part of a private beta.

Docs for Facebook remains the same

For the time being at least, Microsoft has confirmed that Docs for Facebook remains an ongoing concern as it has a different feature set to and can’t be entirely absorbed. Instead it is offering the chance to safely and automatically migrate everything over to the new service whilst keeping the existing document links intact.

Microsoft is pushing the sharing vibe at the same time as the release of Windows 10 as it attempts to ward off competition from the likes of Google Docs and Evernote, which have at their center an established system of sharing and collaboration.