You might actually use Apple Maps if this update happens

It’s cool to hate on Apple Maps. After all, it hasn’t had the most sterling track record since its 2012 launch. But come WWDC 2015, the navigation app could finally receive an update that gives city-dwellers another reason to take the app for a spin: transit navigation.

In a rumor reported by 9to5Mac, Maps could get a big update alongside iOS 9 that adds navigational support for public transportation. If you ride a train, bus, or hop onto the subway to get to and fro, this could mean that you’ll need one less app in order to get to where you need to be.

It’s hard to say if Apple can win back those that left its app behind for Google Maps or any other navigation app. But if Maps actually does receive this much-needed update, Apple can finally get started trying to chip away at Google’s dominance in the mobile navigation space.

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Via 9to5Mac