Word up! Microsoft may be building the iPhone's next big chat app

Microsoft is reportedly working on bringing a new way to chat to the iPhone. Information on the app, called Flow, was leaked due to details posted on a publicly accessible site. (Whoops)

Flow will work in tandem with Microsoft’s existing Outlook app, and will boast “fast, fluid, natural conversation,” according to the leaked details from a public site marked as “Microsoft Confidential.”

ZDNet believes this could be the email equivalent of Skype Qik, which is a lightweight version of Skype introduced by Microsoft last year on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Microsoft remains tight-lipped on confirming the existence of Flow, but it’s a sensible direction for Microsoft to venture into. Its Outlook app for iOS is a rebranding on the popular Accompli, and has been a big hit with Gmail users on iPhone.

If rumors prove to be true, Flow may be a big entry for Microsoft in the world of chat on the iPhone, especially by partnering with the already strong Outlook.