Is that what boxed Windows 10 software will look like?

Windows 10 is launching in 17 days and what looks like Windows 10 box art mock ups have been published online. And they do look pretty much on the money.

German website didn’t mention much about the source of these pictures, or whether they are meant to accompany retail DVDs or Windows 10 USB sticks.

A lot of the pictures released appear to stress Microsoft’s focus on the return of the Start Menu on Windows 10. The home edition sticks to a blue colour scheme while the Pro version’s is purple.

Only a few more days to go

These are the two retail stock keeping units that will go on sale on July 29 with two others, Education and Enterprise, being available via third parties or from Microsoft direct only.

The latest build of Windows 10, version 10166, and other recent builds have been geared towards ironing out existing bugs and improving general performance rather than adding new features.

Windows 10 will see the introduction of a number of new features like Cortana, Continuum and Task View and will be available for free for a year to those updating from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.