Windows 8.1 RT is getting an update this September

Windows RT might be one of Microsoft’s biggest failures but that doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t be blasting it with a new lease of life very soon.

That’s right. Gabe Aul, head of the company’s OS group, revealed on Twitter that Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 is well and truly in the works and will be arriving a little over a month after Windows 10, in September.

Aul failed to give any more details beyond the fact the update will be arriving and it’s unclear whether the Windows 10 universal apps will worm their way onto the largely abandoned operating system.

What it does mean is that Microsoft’s Surface RT tablets won’t be getting Windows 10 any time soon although in January it did reveal that the update it was working on would include “some of the functionality of Windows 10.”

Many problems

Windows RT first arrived on Surface tablets and was supposed to be a way for manufacturers to move away from Intel chips and embrace what ARM chips could bring (low cost, versatility, low power consumption etc).

Unfortunately a conundrum of problems such as low marketing, poor implementation, failure to attract developers, and high prices meant that it never managed to become at all successful, although anyone that still has one of the slates will be very happy at the latest news.