iOS 9 may include an app just to control your HomeKit devices

In case you were worried about Siri taking over your house, Apple may be bringing a new app with iOS 9 to control its HomeKit devices, which begin shipping next month.

The new app, called Home, will cooperate with HomeKit devices and have a variety of functions, according to 9to5Mac. Those include discovering and setting up HomeKit devices wirelessly, utilizing Apple TV as a hub to connect various devices, generating virtual rooms to assist in organizing and connecting devices, and offering a series of screens to help users find more HomeKit devices and apps.

The whole HomeKit framework will reportedly be at least partially reliant on the Home app to manage devices while keeping data secure.

Although 9to5Mac reports testing on the app has gone on, it’s possible the Home app is meant only for internal Apple usage. However, The Verge points out the inclusion of multiple screens suggests the app will wind up in the public’s grasp.

Naturally Apple has stayed quiet on the app, but if it’s real it will likely surface with the expected announcement of iOS 9 at Apple’s developer conference on June 8. Until WWDC 2015 kicks off, this is all hearsay, but a centralized app for managing HomeKit devices seems like a sensible step for Cupertino to take.