Microsoft finally unveils Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft has introduced Office 2016 for Mac, five years after the last Office for Mac rolled out from Redmond. A lot has changed from then in the world of technology which might explain why Mac users, not Windows ones, get the freshest version of Office first.

In a briefing, a Microsoft spokesperson explained that it was important to release it first to show that Mac users still count for the company as it clearly demonstrated by launching iOS (and Android) versions of Office Mobile for them first.

The announcement today brings all the expected key features of Office to Mac users with new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook tweaked for Mac devices to make optimal use of Full Screen view, Multi-Touch and Retina display.

Largest Office for Mac beta ever

More than 100,000 pieces of feedback have been submitted by the thousands of users that enrolled on the Office for Mac preview program, providing feedback over four months and seven updates.

Microsoft said that they will be providing release updates and new features for Office 365 customers – including Office for Mac users – at least once per quarter.

Note that Office 2016 for Mac is currently available for Office 365 users only. Depending on which version they have, they will be able to download Office 2016 for Mac by going to their account and choosing the appropriate options. Those looking for a perpetual, one-time purchase option, will have to wait till September 2015 to purchase it online or off the shelf.