Microsoft exec blasts Google's approach to Android updates

At Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Chicago, Terry Myerson, EVP of Operating Systems at Microsoft, tossed the gloves aside and threw a haymaker toward Google’s security standards. Branching off of the discussion surrounding Microsoft’s new plans for security in Windows 10, Myerson accused Google of providing inconsistent support via security updates to Android phones, which might be putting you or your business at risk of being compromised.

“Google takes no responsibility to update customer devices and refuses to take responsibility to update their devices, leaving end users and businesses increasingly exposed every day they use an Android device,” Myerson said.

According to the Windows Blog, Microsoft looks to distance itself from the business practices of its competition by designing Windows 10 with security features that act to blanket over vulnerabilities “at all layers of the stack” with continuous updates. That might sound obtuse, but here’s a simple breakdown of Microsoft’s goal: to provide security top to bottom, inside and out, from the software to the network and hardware level.

Microsoft plans to push ongoing updates to consumers through Windows Update on Windows 10, as it does today with Windows 8.1. But for businesses, Windows Update for Business will offer up a new method to roll out updates, uniquely placing this control in the hands of IT professionals.

The service “will reduce management costs, provide controls over update deployment, offer quicker access to security updates.” Devices used for business in the future will be more secure than ever thanks to Long Term Servicing Branches, a new type of update from Microsoft, which serves continuous security support to devices long after release.

Via: The Verge