Office for Windows 10 appears in latest build

Worried Office won’t be ready for Windows 10‘s debut? You have no need to fret as Microsoft has already added the new apps to the OS.

The new app store included inside the latest Windows 10 preview build includes the apps for the first time and any users will already be marveling at Word, Excel and PowerPoint in their full Windows 10 glory.

Finding the new apps is as simple as downloading build 10166 and then heading to the app store. Once inside there, it’s important to note that the apps are actually designated as mobile apps and will be listed as such. Don’t worry though because it works perfectly on full screen PCs as well as mobiles.

Ready to beat out Google Docs

Microsoft getting Office out there before Windows 10 is released is a wise move considering just how many competitors it has in this same productivity department, like Google Docs, Evernote and a clutch of others.

It goes without saying that you should be more patient with the apps as they’re still at a reasonably early stage, however, by the time Windows 10 is released in two weeks time they’ll be well and truly ready for action.

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